50 Gold Bars for 50 Winners
Sponsored by Ariete, Wahl and Black & Decker

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1. This competition starts on the July 1st 2021 to the 31 of July, 2021
2. The raffle draw of 50 gold bars will be on the 5th of August, 2021 at Extra head office in Khobar with the presence of a COC representative.
3. All citizens and residents (males & females) can participate for a one-time log only.
4. All staff and their families are excluded from this draw.
5. Winners will be contacted by phone with the presence of the COC representative.
6. Extra is not responsible if there is no answer to phone calls within 2 months after contacting the winner, and another winner will be drawn.
7. Winner must provide National ID or Iqama to receive the gold bar.
8. Each winner will receive a gold bar (5 grams in weight)
9. gold bars will be handed-over to winners within 30 days after documents submission.
10. gold value cannot be claimed in cash at any circumstances.
11. Buying is not a condition to participate in this competition.
12. Permit Number: ??????